Had internet for 3 yrs then I get a bill for outuse? means I was on a limit,there was nothing written in contract and now they want to charge me?

they monitor my usage and did not say anything and no they wont let me cancel my contract they keep sending me bills, for not using there service.

I unplugged there cable, I sent 5 emails telling to cancel service, says cant because they don't want to.they want to keep charging me, I'm going to hire a lawyer, save yourself a headache DON'T allow this company in your home, you have been Warned!

Review about: Speedconnect Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I have unlimited, after a week of fast internet the internet will be unbelievable slow. I call speedconnect an the say they need to turn up my speed an it should run twice as fast...

Pretty shaddy this is a weekly occurrence... Pay ten more $ a month an get a contract with Comcast.

Twin Falls, Idaho, United States #839839

Promised high-speed internet and got a connection that turns off and on every 5 minutes. ***, SpeedConnect! ***!

Bay City, Michigan, United States #743916

Lol this person is wrong(probably one of those trouble customers)

You sign a 2 YEAR contract, after that you go month to month

And can cancel anytime you want. Pay your bill and you wouldn't have

Any problems. Gotta love the customers that get service then wait 3

Months to pay up, then get to far behind and canceled then bad mouth

A company because they aren't mature enough to handle everyday

Expenses. Speedconnect works great at my house and there 4g is

10 down by 2 up, and works awesome, gaming, browsing, streeming,


to Johnny San Angelo, Texas, United States #964617

Well Johnny you are the exception from what I can tell. Speedconnect in my city and area Sucks!!!

and I know dozens of people in my area that have the same issues. I pay 45.00 a month for 3 megs, I actually have internet service for about 12 hours a day so I called them and told them I think I should pay 22.50 since 50% of the time I don't have service.

Now you're going to say "well then why dont you leave?" because believe or not they're better than dial up and their just isn't any other options 5-10miles out of town, so I'm stuck for now but they Suck!!! and when another option comes around I'm gone.

Now you have a nice day Cupcake.

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